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Birthdate:Dec 7
Location:Wisconsin, United States of America
I am...

A librarian for young adults
A mother of a third grader
A media junkie
A writer
A game moderator
Really sick of Twilight
Unsure what else to put here.

Interests (150):

80s music, a. s. byatt, acting, almost famous, alternate history, alton brown, angel, arrested development, art over commerce, bisexuality, biting wit, bondage basement, book clubs, books, bookstores, buffy the vampire slayer, careful observation, carl hiaasen, cats, childhood, children's books, chinese food, chocolate, christopher guest, chuck, civility, classic literature, classic movies, coffee, community, community building, community theater, con artists, coulee region, coupling uk, crafts, cuisine, culture, cupid, dancing with the stars, dark tower, david lynch, dorothy parker, dreams, editing, epic stories, etiquette, evil plots, fables, fairy tales, fandom, fiction, firefly, food network, gamer geeks, giada delaurentiis, girl genius, grace under pressure, graphic novels, hating housework, herding lolcats, history, honesty, hope, horror, humor, izzy's ice cream, jack black, jason lee, jem, jonathan carroll, keeping secrets, kevin smith, laughter, libraries, light verse, literature, lust, macalester college, magical realism, making the hard choices, meaningful conversations, mischke, modern fairy tales, modernist authors, monk, mr. rogers, muppets, musicals, my daughter, my husband, mystery science theater 3000, negability, noir, oceans 11, other people, oz, paper moon, pillowfort, poker, political activism, pratchett, pushing daisies, reading, real food, reality tv, roleplaying, romance, roxette, sagittarius, sarcasm, secret identity, shakespeare, simon pegg, small towns, snark, social justice, social networks, staying sane, stephen king, style, surviving life, television, the artist's way, the coen brothers, the democratic party, the marriage of sticks, the muppet show, the princess bride, the simpsons, the wooden sea, tolerance, touch, trixie belden, twin cities, twin peaks, used bookstores, veronica mars, victoriana, view askew, warfare, webcomics, weight training, weird al, whores!, witticisms, wonderfalls, writing, ya, young adult fiction
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